Hexagonal IT Solutions is a company offering 6 services. We help you while you are starting a new setup, any company, restaurant or organization or you have a current setup and want to exceed and move on to the next level. Hexagonal will help you meeting your IT and business needs. We believe in long-term collaboration and satisfaction of our clients is our utmost priority. We have in-house professionals for all the services and you can expect timely, professional and flawless work. Our daily updates, constant interaction with the clients and a thrust for improvement makes us stand out on others. We wish to have the same with you.

We are offering 6 IT and business services and as our tagline says, “Your Business, Our Expertise” shows that amalgam of those will makes things professional and simply the best.

Our services are as follows:

1)      Graphic Designing and Printing (Offering all stationery and designing Services)

2)      Content Writing (All sorts of formal and online writings)

3)      Web Design and Application Development.

4)      Software Development and Installation.

5)      Online Offline Marketing.

6)      Online Business/IT Consultancy and complete IT Services.

So, in a nutshell, you name it and we will have it for you. From a website to a visiting card and from a mobile application to a formal MOU, we have everything for you. We can deliver quality work as per your requirements.


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Hexagonal IT Solutions
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Civil company
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09 Sep, 2014
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08 Sep, 2018
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7 Al Asayel St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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Greetings, We are Hexagonal IT Solutions and we pay our regards to Business ID for setting this up and to all the companies who are active here. We are open to any collaboration and can provide top-notch and professional services.
Wed 01 Apr 2015, 12:35 AM
IT Consultancy/ IT Services
Mon 06 Apr 2015, 10:38 AM

We provide complete IT consultancy and IT services including networking, modelling and CCTV cameras installation, we can do all. From a minor to a major IT work, we can do all. 

Software Development/Installation
Mon 06 Apr 2015, 10:37 AM

If you need any software, we will do it for you. You just have to place your requirement and the output you want. Over that, we do installation of complete softwares in PC for a new start up office, schools, colleges etc. We provide complete installation services. 

Online/Offline Marketing (Branding)
Mon 06 Apr 2015, 10:35 AM

Branding of any company, product or even organization is very important in order to showcase the best out of it. We are seasoned branding experts and we can promote your brand, products and services online and can provide you will potential leads. 

Content Writing
Sat 04 Apr 2015, 3:07 PM

We offer complete content writing services as well. We provide you with formal proposals for your company. business presentations, business plan and much more. We are SEO article writing and blogging expert as well. 

Graphic Designing and Printing
Sat 04 Apr 2015, 2:26 PM

Designing plays a key role for any company's image. We are Desiging experts and with that we are offering printing services as well. So, if you need your business cards, or your brochures and with that you are looking for profiles with the pomphelts, we are here to do all that. 

Web Design And Development
Sat 04 Apr 2015, 11:58 AM

We do complete web-designing for you. We make professional and user-friendly websites, which will take your business to the next level. We are technology oriented and all our websites will be mobile responsive. Over that, if you have a website and want to update it with complete maintainence by us, we can do that as well. 

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