Since its formation in 1989 as Al Tarfana Building Cleaning, following with registering by the trade name ‘Al Tarfana Building Maintenance and Security LLC established in 2001, the company continues to be a market leader in Facilities Management Services to the Industrial & Commercial sector with the firm foundation of technical expertise.

The mantra of the team at Tarfana is to produce customer value of a higher order. Our clients bank on our resources, expertise and knowledge to increase the long-term value of their properties. With our “Single-Point of Contact” approach, our clients are free to focus on their core businesses.

Tarfana’s integrated Services deliver cost-effective assistance that will enhance asset value and maximize returns to investors, fund managers and property developers through a combination of proven local and international practices.

As a highly process-driven ISO 9001-2008 certified organization, we can alleviate client concerns related to facility management of assets and enable them to concentrate on their core business.



Al Tarfana is committed to delivering the highest Standards of quality services we provide for our customers. We are committed to business excellence as encapsulate by the following principles:

Commitment to Quality

We are accountable for the quality of our work and will perform to the best of our capabilities at all times. We endorse Human Factors principles and incorporate them in our quality approach.


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Building maintenance
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05 Nov, 2011
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04 Nov, 2016
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4 25 St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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Full Name: SUREESH KUMAR RAGHAVAN Nationality: India
Emirates ID/No: 784-1959-0453136-7 Type: Owner
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Branch Name: AL TARFANAH BLD.CLEANING Phone Number: 65484845
Mobile Number: 506269714 Branch Fax: 65484846
Branch Address: 400 Tower Al sour area Sharjah United Arab Emirates Branch Location: Sharjah
Branch Name: AL TARFANA SECURITY SERVICES L L C Phone Number: 42996559
Mobile Number: 506269714 Branch Fax: 42996449
Branch Address: 4 25 St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Branch Location: Dubai
Branch Name: CITY CENTER CLEANING SERVICES L L C Phone Number: 42578427
Mobile Number: 506269714 Branch Fax: 42578428
Branch Address: 4 25 St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Branch Location: Dubai
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Tarfana Services provides high quality manned security services with a focus on quality and professionalism. Our well-trained, alert and experienced security personnel possess a high level of security skills and are able to communicate effectively with client’s patrons and the authorities alike. Our teams consist of both male and female security guards which allow us to offer a wider choice and more flexibility to our clients. We ensure that our security guarding service is compliant with the regulations of the local authorities and keep a constant and close control on our personnel by routine checks at the client premises, quality assurance inspections and additional no cost management and training support. 


We currently are able to secure in the following areas.


- Residential buildings - Commercial buildings
- Shops & malls - Educational institutions
- Banks - Hotels
- Construction sites - Personal protection (VIP'S)
- Ports & airports - Parties & events
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Our maintenance division focuses mainly on the construction field, and undertakes small to medium sub contract works within the construction industry. We have a dedicated team of skilled personnel across a broad range of categories. Each team has its own supervisor, whose main role is to guarantee measured output, thus enabling effective project planning and timely contract completion. The division is headed by a qualified and experienced maintenance engineer, and the company has a good track record of projects successfully completed well within the deadline.

As we do have such a comprehensive range of skills across our workforce, we would potentially have the ability to undertake maintenance contracts for building, residential complexes, malls, hotels, etc. 


Tarfana Services has workers skilled in the following trades:


- Furniture Carpenters - Shuttering Carpenters
- Gypsum Carpenters - Block Masons
- Ceramic Tile Masons - Marble Masons
- Sealent Applicators - Painters
- French Polishers - Steel Fixers
- Welders - Fabricators
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In a market where international standards and high pressure deadlines are the name of the game, we have pioneered the approach to commercial cleaning that guarantees results. At Tarfana Services we have the expertise and resources to complete the job right from the first time and maintain it to your highest expectations.

We have the proven ability to undertake even the most complex jobs and deliver quality assurance with excellent results. Our janitorial services are tailored to meet the needs of property management firms, facility managers and building owners in both commercial and industrial markets. The quality of work is reinforced through on going job training, cleaning service inspections and detailed record keeping. We use the latest and most effective state of the art equipment, which our cleaning team is properly trained to operate. The chemicals that we use for each job are specially selected, and their correct use is continually monitored.

Tarfana Services offers a wide range of commercial cleaning services available one time or on a contractual basis. We provide cleaning services under mentioned features all over the United Arab Emirates:


- Janitorial Services - Event Cleaning
- Housekeeping Services - Showrooms
- Malls - Hotels
- Public Buildings - House of Worship
- Move in / Move out cleaning - Construction Cleaning
- Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning - Roads & Highways
- Aircraft Cleaning - Public Gardens & Parks
- High Rise Windows - Rope Access Cleaning
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